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Deffuant, G., Roozmand, O., Huet, S., Khamzina, K., Nugier, A., Guimond, S. (2022). Can biases in perceived attitudes explain anti-conformism ? in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, doi : 10.1109/TCSS.2022.3154034.
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27/04/2023 - Camille RIOUX

Investigating the nature and ontogeny of cognitive processing shaping human food behaviors (Teams, 17h30-19h00)

04/05/2023 - Amélie BRET

Les nouvelles pratiques de recherche : qu’en est-il 10 ans après le début de la crise de la réplication ? (Salle 307, 10h30-12h00)

#Metoo et #Balancetonporc : analyse et comparaison

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03/02/2022 – Marco ALTINI

par Ludovic FERRAND - publié le , mis à jour le

Heart rate variability analysis : Technology and applications.

Date : 03 février 2022
Heure : 10h30 - 12h00
Lieu : Teams


Heart rate variability analysis has been extensively used in many applications over the past 50 years. Yet, inconsistencies in data collection protocols, metrics used and data analysis techniques, as well as issues with accuracy and validity of today’s wearables, led to many inconsistencies, which might be difficult to navigate when approaching the subject. In this talk, I aim at providing an overview of the physiological underpinnings of HRV, and a framework for data collection and interpretation, which can be applied to different sensors and techniques. I will cover the main technologies out there, and show many practical examples so that we can get a better understanding of how we can use HRV as an effective tool to track individual responses to training and lifestyle stressors.


Marco ALTINI (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)